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Welcome, I'm

Award-winning Author and Diversity Publishing Pro

Whether you want to find my books, book me to speak, or learn how to publish a book and build your own publishing empire, you are in the right place!


For far too long, there has been a glaring racial divide in the world of publishing.

Where authors of color are met by endless roadblocks.

I believe in a world where every author's voice can be heard.

Where they can be discovered.

Where they can succeed.

And I work tirelessly toward that goal.

I'm on a mission.

To normalize black girl magic and black boy joy by exposing young kids to culturally diverse characters who look like them

To empower authors and chart their path to being published


Whether you're a fan of my books, an author who wants my secret sauce to publish and sell their books, or you're looking for a speaker, you're in the right place.

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Looking for children's books with black characters? My books have been featured by Essence Magazine as great reads for black kids and my readers couldn't agree more! Check out my books by clicking below.

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From book readings to conferences, trainings, and more, I am a thought leader and influencer in the diversity and publishing space. If you're searching for a speaker, click below to learn more.

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My Official Bio

Crystal Swain-Bates is an accomplished author and entrepreneur who has made it her life's work to champion diversity and representation in children's literature. As the founder and CEO of Goldest Karat Publishing, Crystal has sold over half a million books, filling the diversity gap in the industry and earning her recognition as a true leader in the field.

Her groundbreaking work has been featured in a range of media outlets, from Forbes and CNN to Essence and even on Shaquille O’Neal’s tv show Game Plan, as well as in nationally televised Amazon commercials and on popular television shows.

Crystal's commitment to diversity and inclusion has earned her numerous accolades, including the 2019 Digital Book World Medal for Leadership in Diversity. She is renowned as a "Diversity Publishing Pro" and is sought after for her insights on increasing representation in the publishing industry.

Beyond her successful career as an author and publisher, Crystal is passionate about empowering underrepresented authors. She offers free and paid trainings to an online community of over 8,000 aspiring writers who are looking to boost their brand, business, and bank account by publishing their own books.

Through her unwavering dedication to diversity and representation, Crystal has become a respected thought leader and influencer in the world of children's literature and beyond.

My programs work

In other words...

I’m Crystal Swain-Bates. I’m a book-writing, travel-loving, self-publishing expert and Diversity in Publishing Advocate who is obsessed with adding color to children’s literature, an industry where lack of diversity is paramount.




I regularly schedule in-person and virtual book readings at schools, libraries, and events worldwide. As a thought leader and influencer in the diversity and publishing space, I have been hired to speak by Essence, Amazon, schools, and more. My talks include, but are not limited to, topics such as:

-Reimagining Representation: How Inclusive Books Can Change the World

-From Stereotypes to Self-Discovery: The Power of Authenticity in Children's Literature

-Building a Better Bookshelf: How Diversifying Children's Literature Can Change the World

-From Manuscript to Marketplace: The Practical Path to Profitable Self-Publishing

-Build Your Brand with Books: How Self-Publishing Can Boost Your Business

From podcasts to conferences to summits to book readings, I'm here for it all! Check out short clips from some of my past appearances below then click book me to start the conversation!

I was featured by Amazon in a nationally-televised commercial!

Speaking at the Traffic, Sales, & Profit Entrepreneur Conference

Speaking to Amazon's Black Employees Network

Interviewed on CBS' Atlanta Plugged In

Speaking at a live-taped Amazon Summit on a panel about Diversity

Speaking at ESSENCE Wellness House about "Social Media, Racism, and Kids

Did you catch my TV episode of Game Plan with Shaquille O'Neal?

Here's a short clip...




I have had the honor of myself or my books being featured by major media, here are a few of my favs!

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