I’m Crystal Swain-Bates. I’m a book-writing, travel-loving, self-publishing expert and Diversity in Publishing Advocate who is obsessed with adding color to children’s literature, an industry where lack of diversity is paramount.

All while helping other underrepresented authors find publishing success. I have a knack for showing authors how to generate revenue and earn a FULL-TIME living with their words. With over 500,000 copies of my own self-published books sold, I KNOW what I’m doing when it comes to publishing and SELLING books! I have a proven track record because I did it for myself AND helped so many other authors do the same thing!
This is what you should know about me before I tell you anything else:

- I have 15 children’s books under my belt, and I published and promoted all of them ON MY OWN! My books are sold all over the world!

- But that’s not all. I’m an award-winning author and one of my books “Big Hair, Don’t Care” is at the top of the list of self-published children books, with some stellar reviews!

- I’ve been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, BET, The Huffington Post, and soooo many TV shows, commercials - you name it!

- My mission is to normalize black characters in children’s books. My other goal is to help other authors duplicate my success.